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All the problems of a company need verticality, or, in other words, they need a deep, highly-qualified and exhaustive expertise. But verticality is also to be immersed in a global context. This is what the ECA network of professionals is able to offer.
The single univocal skill, integrated within a global vision, thanks to the inferences between the highest levels of professionalism.


Umberto Bedini

Founding Partner and CEO


With a degree in Electronic Engineering, Umberto Bedini has a strong vocation for innovation and business development and a keen entrepreneurial attitude, always result-oriented.

He has gained a significant experience in enterprise and business management in more than 34 years of professional career in medium and big Italian, English and American multinationals, for which he worked directly in many European, American, Eastern and Far-eastern countries. In 2002 he founded ECA srl, today ECA Consulting, a company offering technical-organizational and management solutions to national and international companies by means of consulting and temporary management. He held more and more important positions, until the positions of General Manager, Vice President, Adviser, CDA President and CEO of national and multinational companies.

Mariano Domingo



Graduated in Economics at the University of Barcelona, Mariano Domingo is a generalist executive specialized in finance and Strategic Planning, Business Development, Change Management, Transformation plans, Corporate Reengineering/Lean, Interim and part time Management operations.

He works in the following fields: International training and Coaching for Managers, Fundraising, M&A (Investments and Disinvestments), Due Diligence, Post-acquisition integrations, Organizational development, Foreign Tax Planning, HHRR, Sarbanes-Oxley, Financial reporting and Information systems. He boasts a significant multicultural operational experience, with special focus on Europe and North America.


Fernanda Pelati

Senior Advisor


Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures, Fernanda Pelati subsequently studied at the Supervisory Management Programme (Cranfield Institute of Technology) and at the European Advanced Programme for Managers (INSEAD, Fontainbleu).

She has various international experiences in luxury and mass retail multinational companies. As a Senior Executive, she built her experience in the HR and organizational development fields, up to holding the Country Manager and CEO positions both for foreign branches and for group branches. Relying on a deep knowledge of distribution methods and dynamics, with special focus on Retail, she opened up and developed new markets paying particular attention to economic results. She also managed turnaround operations and worked as Operating Partner for an important Private Equity Fund.


Andreas Seifert



Graduate in foreign economics in Germany. Manager with more than 20 years of international experience in the establishment, development and management of organizations and commercial companies in Europe, Asia and the Unites States in various industrial areas of B2B and B2C businesses.

He directed as managing director companies in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and United States.

Expert in the implementation of structures and processes of development and consolidation.

Focus on the activities of sales, marketing, business development, product and project management, organization of the supply chain Europe-Asia.

Endowed with a strategic vision,  leadership and initiative, he creates market opportunities in order to increase the business and the profits of the companies and sees the processes on internationalization and business differentiation as a concrete opportunity for growth and reduction of entrepreneurial risk


Paolo Pozzi



With a degree in Business Economics at Bocconi University of Milan, Paolo Pozzi’s managerial career included the positions of Commercial and Logistics Planning Director for consumer durables and automotive multinational companies.

Senior Consultant with a multi-year experience, specialized in the fields of Efficiency and Processes and Services Quality improvement, with focus on Logistics and Supply Chain, he is also involved in supporting SMEs in Business Plan preparation, strategic re-positioning, reorganizations and management control.


Gianni Malerba – Malerba & Partners

Joint Venture


Gianni Malerba has a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Corporate Finance at Bocconi University in Milan.

He has gained deep and specific managerial skills in more than 30 years of career with known corporate groups with particular reference to the finance, trade, real estate, food distribution and start-up company areas, holding numerous positions as Chief Financial Officer, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer. He is also specialized in the management of companies in crisis, restructuring and corporate turnaround plans. He supports entrepreneurs in the delicate stages of defining new business goals and generational transitions. He gained expertise in corporate transactions taking part in numerous due diligence operations in the acquisitions/mergers/reorganizations areas.


Andrea Gallazzi



Degree in Management Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan and with a subsequent Masters in Lean Enterprise and SixSigma at the same University.

Andrea Gallazzi has 30 years of experience, both having had the position in top management in a multinational context, and in a leading Italian consulting firms operating on local and international markets.

Having knowledge and competence in the company logics and resolution of improvement opportunities, he is a team leader specialized to drive continuous process improvement, cost reduction, strategic marketing, organization, product development and innovation, development of organizational skills and functional leadership to improving business performance.

Claudio Olivero



Executive MBA from Harvard Business School (TGMP11 - 2003) and Bachelor of Law from University of Turin.

30+ years of international experience as a GM and Region Manager of a leading FMCG multinational group across diverse regions and cultures including Europe, India and MEA.
Expertise includes successfully establishing and expanding local subsidiaries and brands across diverse regions, installing strong and lasting relationships with local distributors in large and challenging markets and leading the conversion of existing activities including new strategic RTM discontinuities.

Sebastiano Bazzano



Graduated in Economics at the University La Sapienza in Rome. Sebastiano Bazzano majored in People and Organizations at SDA Bocconi. As a Senior Manager for international companies belonging to different industries.

He held top positions of Organization and HR Management at Group level, specially focusing on internationalization plans and opening up of new markets. He gained special expertise in corporate organization, staffing, human resources guidance and assessment processes, with specific focus on the food industry activities, working on the following markets: Central and Southern America, USA, Russia, Luxemburg and Italy. In 2009 he founded the management consulting company IES S.r.l., of which he is CEO, specialized in international corporate organization.


Anna Ricotti



Graduated in Political Science (Hons) at Pavia University, Anna Ricotti majored in Marketing and Communication Management at SDA Bocconi in Milan. She completed a diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching at the AoEC (London) and a Master in Skill Coaching.

She has 20-years of experience as a Senior Executive in multinational contexts in the following areas: communication, strategic marketing, organization, design, product development and innovation operating both in domestic and international markets. She is a change management driver, specialized in organizational behaviors and effective leadership development to support business performance improvement. She is an ICF certified coach.

Paolo Mastrostefano



Paolo achieve a master degree in Electronic Engineering (Marche Polytechnic University) and an “Award in Business Studies” (UCLA, University of California at Los Angeles);

integrate his professional education with studies in Psychological Sciences and Techniques (Modena and Reggio Emilia University).

President and CEO in multinational enterprises. Strong international experience, having guided companies in several countries and continents, and having relocated in California and Cina.

Thanks to his preferred leadership style, “participative” and passionate, he operated successful turn arounds, developed business, and managed M&A.
Main background: industrial enterprises, B2B.

Andrea Benetello



Graduated in Electronic Engineering, specialised in Business Administration, major in Total Quality Management at the University of Padua.

He has a strong entrepreneurial attitude to results, consolidated through a long international experience in industrial management roles on topics such as: Automotive, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain, Service, Patents.

Jorge María Serra



Interim Manager, industrial engineer, expertise in national and international manufacturing industries.

Areas of expertise
• Industrial organization, production planning, cost reduction.
• Reengeneering processes with APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) methodologies, lean production.
• Staff empowerment and coaching of job-floor leaders.

• Metal manufacturing: HS steel tools, plate working, extruded and drawn brass products
• Metal constructions: trains, boilers and cylinders, explosion-proof electrical equipment
• Food: chocolate, malt and beer
• Operations Managing Consulting/Production Management
• Temporary Management Services for productivity improvement, company transformation for best efficiencies and customer satisfaction
• Industrial Engineer specialized in Industrial Operations, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires 1981
• CPIM Certified Production and Inventory Management, American Production and Inventory Control Society 1996
• PDM -Program of Management Development, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa/Instituto de Altos Estudios Empresariales, 1997
• Spanish & Italian (mother tongue), English, French. German beginner.

• MS Office for Window and Macintosh Platforms.

Francesco Sibilla – Sibilla, Pantano & Gupta

Advisory Board


Francesco is specialized in corporate law and business contracts and he worked for important international legal practises.

He gained a significant experience in the field of extraordinary company operations, carrying out the necessary legal due diligence and negotiating and drafting the related contracts for assisted companies. He assists his Clients during the incorporation of companies, in the choice of a governance model and in the preparation of shareholders’ agreements. He also deals with the Real estate sector, as well as with the rearrangement and organization of estates and Trusts.

Francesco Vallebona – Medin Europe

Joint Venture


Francesco Vallebona graduated in Law at the University of Cagliari and subsequently majored in “European Union Law, Economics and Politics” at the Parma European College.

Director and Project Manager of Medin Europe Srl, he has been working in the Europlanning sector since 1999. He was a member of the European Commission “Team Europe” network of lecturers. He appears in the list of European Commission evaluators and regularly takes part as a teacher and speaker in various University Master’s degrees and international conferences on Europlanning.


Savino Tupputi - The Coaching Way



He holds a Masters in Coaching from the Orlando Society of NLP. Business Coach recognized by the AICP (Italian Association of Professional Coaches).

He specializes in Executive Coaching and Team Coaching, and an expert trainer in Soft Skills.

Piero Adamo



Piero Adamo has developed an important and recognized know-how in numerous and different "Advisory" services in favor of companies, in particular in:
  • drafting of industrial and financial plans
  • company and branch evaluation
  • preparation and review of business plans
  • market, sector and competitive positioning analysis
  • benchmark analysis

Nabila Saad El Dien Metwally



Graduated with a degree in Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo and has a passion for Furniture and Interior Design.

Today she is a Sales and Marketing furniture senior specialist with more than twenty-five years experience in International Furniture companies in Europe and in Asia with main focus in B2B and B2C. Gained additional experience in product development with focus on Central European market needs.
Speaks fluent English and Italian in addition to native German and Arabic.

Paolo Rangoni



Graduated in Business Administration from L. Bocconi University in Milan. Postgraduate course in Retail Management at IMD.

Executive specialised in Operations, Supply Change Management, Transformation Projects, General Management, Energy Management and Sustainability.
He works in areas such as distribution logistics optimisation, ecommerce, city logistics, reconversion of real estate spaces, sustainability paths, support to multi-year business transformation projects, generational changeover or pre and post M&A. Main experiences in the food, retail, consumer durables and logistics, in Italy and Europe.

Paolo Castelli



Graduated in Law at the University of Pavia and with a Master's degree, he has thirty years of professional activity, first in the HR area and later in the roles of Business Unit and General Management.

He has worked both in Multinationals and privately held Italian companies, which he has managed in special performance improvement and turnaround projects.
He also had experience as industrial entrepreneur and is active in strategic finance advisory as Industry Expert.
His main competencies are in the Glass, Building Materials, Plastics and Packaging industy sectors.
He has an in-depth knowledge of the issues and problems of manufacturing SMEs.
His most important professional achievements are in the management of critical change in organizations, through the definition of simple and effective operational strategies, with a particular focus on the involvement of employees, their motivation and the enhancement of their skills.


Marco Gialletti



He graduated with a master degree in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Marche and he got a PhD in Engineering on Knowledge Management topic.

He founded Nautes spa in 2001 and he is CEO since then.
Nautes spa is the first academic spinoff in Marche Region and it is a software development company specializing in digital technologies for Corporate Community Management.
He has gained expertise as a software designer for the design and development of enterprise software platforms concerning social management, social troubleshooting and social learning.
As a Senior Digital and R&D Advisor He provides advisory and project management services in large companies regarding IoT, Business Intelligence and Big Data, Gamification.
He’s vice president of Confindustria Ancona, with a delegation in technological innovation and he’s a board member of the associated service companies.
Furthermore, he’s member of the Board and member of the Scientific Committee of the Enterprise Business Incubator Jesi Cube.

Pierluigi Nocco



Graduated in business administration, following a significant experience in multinational companies and SMEs, he has a considerable know-how in the revision of processes, in the development of management control systems and in the implementation of ERP.

Chief Financial Officer / CFO, enrolled in the Register of Chartered Accountants and in the Register of Legal Auditors, he trained in a Big 4 audit, to then cover positions of increasing responsibility in the Finance area in diversified sectors (industry, services, commerce, retail).

He has worked in Italy and abroad (China, USA), has managed rental business branches. More recently successfully engaged in temporary assignments, aimed at resolving particular situations such as the need to carry out a reorganization, to carry out a cultural change, to implement a new administrative-accounting system or to present a plan aimed at obtaining a credit line .

Donatella Rampinelli



Graduated with honors in Chemistry from the University of Milan and earned a master's degree in statistics from the University of Tennessee - USA.

She is the scientific coordinator of the Industry 4.0 Master’s Degree and Supply Chain Management at the Business School 24ore. She recently founded The Supply Chain Factory to promote and enhance Logistics related activities. She was also founder and president of Assologistica Cultura e Formazione and member of the board of ELA (European Logistic Association) and of the Confindustria transportation and customs commissions. In the past roles of Customer Management Director at Campari and Supply Service Director for Italy and Greece at Reckitt-Benckiser, she developed outsourcing and collaborative logistics experiences with great personal satisfaction and significant savings for the company.


Victor Serra



Graduated in Business Administration at Harvard University, Victor Serra refined his education at Chicago Booth, UCLA, IESE, IBGC and FGV.

He has an extensive international experience as a Senior Executive, which has been lasting for over 18 years, in multinationals, business units and private equity contexts, as he lived in 6 different countries and achieved important results in more than 15 countries. He is a transformation driver of business and development models in complex and diversified environments (start-ups, acquisitions, post-acquisition integration, restructuring and turn-around, growth and integrated development).


Andrea Sianesi

Senior Advisor


Dean and President of the Board at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business Full professor at Politecnico di Milano of Operations and Supply Chain Management, author of several books and scientific publications focused on these topics.

He’s member of the managing committee of ASFOR the Italian association for management education and ANIMP (National association of industrial plant).
He’s member of the board of directors of a medium size multinational company manufacturing packaging plants and devices. He’s member of the board of a foreign consulting firm rooted in Asia.
He’s chairman of the executive board of ACE, Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools.
He’s member of the International Advisory Committee of the School of Economics and Management of the Beijing Jiaotong University (China).


Irene Zia



Irene Zia obtained an MBA at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland.

She is an international professional with more than 17 years of expertise in sale, marketing and business development in the food and design industries. She has a strong development and strategy implementing ability, as well as a deep knowledge of all the B2B and B2C aspects, marketing and sale, including retail and partnerships with key clients. Her wide experience in marketing management includes the analysis of market and products opportunities, brand development and positioning, marketing plans development and delivery. Besides working for medium and big multinationals, Irene also provided consulting to small and medium enterprises and start-ups.


Paola Peretti



Graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan. Paola Peretti majored in International Management in Barcelona, in Integrated Marketing and Communication in Chicago and with a PH.D in Corporate Communication/Marketing.

She has a 15-year experience in marketing and communication, with focus on digital marketing, social media management, big data (CRM) and e-commerce. She held ever-increasing responsibility positions in multinationals operating in such industries as publishing, household electrical appliances and luxury and diversified her experience in communication and pr agencies, where she worked for FMCG, B2B and luxury clients. She in Chairman and Founder of “Crazy4Digital Marketing”, a no-profit company working in the field of technological projects and culture development for disabled people. She is also the author of specialized texts on Digital Marketing and Crowdfunding.


Giuliano Pierucci



Graduated in Economics and Business, Giuliano Pierucci held ever-increasing responsibility positions in the field of control and administration management, up to being in charge of the whole operational management.

Founder of a consulting company specialized in re-organization and management control. Co-author of the Executive Auditor course (AICQ SICEV acknowledged), he is also involved in training and teaches in important Certifying bodies.


Luca Ventura



Graduated in business economics, major in Marketing at Bocconi University of Milan, Luca Ventura has a proven international experience as a General Manager and Sales & Marketing Manager for foreign branches of leading international companies.

Specific focus on Spanish-language markets, where he was in charge of specific start-ups. He worked in mature industries and markets and highly competitive markets (consumer durables), taking care of the development of Retail, B2B and Mass retail distribution channels.


Andrea Pappagallo

Senior Advisor

Andrea Pappagallo holds a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering magna cum laude from the University of Ancona, an MBA at the Polytechnic University of Milan and Leading Global Business at Harvard Business School Cambridge MA, USA.

He gained a deep international experience in different industries and holding different positions. He completed complex restructuring and re-alignment plans for global organizations, re-defining the production basis, adjusting the communication and resources exchange mechanisms according to professional excellence. He built very high level relations with public agencies and investment banks, specially focusing on North America, Europe, Brazil, India, China and Korea.


Anthony Pantano

Advisory Board


Anthony is specialized in Business Contracts and judicial and extra-judicial Corporate law.

He gained special expertise in the field of strategic consulting for small and medium enterprises, as well as in consulting for start-ups during their commercial development stage and in the opening of branches in the United States.
He is also specialized in the Immigration sector, as he assists clients seeking to obtain visas to enter the USA. In this field he also assists various companies, also multinational ones, and self-employed and employed workers in the obtainment of work and investor visas.
He teaches in many seminars and conventions.

Tommaso Cogo


Graduated with honors in Economics and Business Management from the University of Padua, he began his professional career in Marketing for the fashion industry.

Passionate about production dynamics and the complexity of the collection development cycle, he established himself as a Product Manager, where he consolidated design and relational skills in the development of complex products on demand.

Thanks to post-graduate courses in Sales and Digital Marketing, he entered the world of Sales, where he has managed Key Accounts with complex supply chains, internationalization projects, logistics co-location, and foreign distribution branches.

Core competencies include organizing company information through the introduction of integrated CRM solutions and collaborative team logic for managing the sales network, top customer relationships and internal activities, with a specific focus on priorities and responsiveness.


Tommaso Dionigi


After completing a university degree in computer science at the University of Bologna, he dedicates himself to his profession with a strong inclination towards technological innovation and a continuous scouting of new technologies.

Tommaso is the CEO and founder of lab51, an innovative SME specializing in tailor-made software development and enterprise applications of artificial intelligence. He also serves as a strategic consultant and IT advisor.

Paolo Mulatero


Formazione: esperienze acquisite in 30 anni di attività, aziende/mercati internazionali e progetti green field o di riconversione Responsabilità: di gestione generale e profit in aree direzionali: Operations – Commerciale, Engineering – Progetti start up - JV internazionali

Settori: alimentare, dolciario & beverage, processi industriali e automazione
Ruoli ricoperti: Amministratore Delegato, Direzione Generale, Operations, Sviluppo aziendale e
mercati, M&A
Aree e Paesi: Italia, Nord Europa, East Europe, Russia, Canada, Africa e Sud Africa, Area Golfo,
India Sviluppo aziendale e mercati, M&A
2020 actual
Technology - Food & Beverage
Senior Executive - Sviluppo e JV internationals
Aziende e Mercati
2016 2020 NOBERASCO S.p.A
Direttore Operations
Acquisti, Supply Chain, Produzione, Ricerca e Sviluppo, Engineering & Investimenti
Advisor per il CdA in M&A Operation, Sviluppo & Mercati
2016 CEO e Board Director Bauli India (progetto green field e JV)
Responsabile Sviluppo Mercato e Investimento Industriale in India 100 mio€ capex, sito produttivo
nel nord dell’India start up 2015/16: 50 mio € fatt.
Main achievements: da azienda locale in W.Bengala a “global company” in tutto il subcontinente indiano; progetto green field industriale e commerciale per i marchi
Bauli, Motta, Alemagna (sito produttivo & facilities;f.vendite-distributori-organizzazione);brand
dvlp,set up lancio prodotti; rispetto dei tempi e costi di Business Plan: a 3° anno piano gross
margin 35%, ebitda a pareggio; JV per sviluppo mercato (regional).

2014 CEO Azienda e Resp. Start up INDIA
100 mio€ fatt. 2 siti produttivi, 2000 dip., 4 linee prodotto; div. plastiche, 3 co- Packer. Resp. del
progetto sviluppo commerciale e industriale per i marchi Kinder,Tic Tac, Nutella, Rocher: da green
field,150 mio€ d investimento, facility per 50 mila mq.
Main achievements : ri-organizzazione-setup nuova struttura commerciale: port-folio prodotti,
canali mercato, distributori (organizzata in distretti operativi e field mng Ferrero); sviluppo POS da
160.000 a 350.000; fatturato da 40 a 100 mio€; gross margin da 25% a 38%; ebitda a pareggio a
3,5 anni investimento.

2013 Direttore Industriale & Sviluppo Paesi Emergenti
Aree geografiche ricoperte: Africa e S.Africa, Mid East, India, 3 start up industriali (di cui 1 fabbrica
cioccolato integrale) 180 mio€ investiti; 2 div. stampaggio plastiche, 3000 dip.
Main achievements: completo riassetto e internazionalizzazione delle 3 aziende nell’area
Emerging, con obiettivi di piano, rispetto dei bdg e tempi conseguiti per le 3 operations. da green
field; strutture tecniche e R&D, organizzazione, CSR; in 5 anni lancio industriale di 6 prodotti, 100
2007- 09 Direttore Operations Ferrero Russia Responsabile Investimento Industriale: start up da
250 mio€ ,3 linee prodotto,1000 dip., 1 sito produttivo e 2 hubs logistici,100.000 mq.
2003- 06 General Manager Ferrero Polonia 500 mio€, 2500 dip. 3 siti industriali (1 green field),
8 linee Prodotto; Divis.R&D Prodotti- Packaging-Tecn.; 2500 dip.interni,1500 est.
2000- 03 Direttore Operations Polonia;
1997- 99 Capo Progetto Investimento
Main Achievement: nei 10 anni di Polonia: da prato verde fino 500 mio€ fatt.(terza realtà del
Gruppo Ferrero); 3 hub logistici; sviluppo mercato East Europe e globale, 5 categ. prodotto; 25
aziende-clienti worldwide (Kinder-Nutella-Pastigliaggi Praline-Snack). Risultati industriali : 3
partnership esterne (stampaggio e sorprese); riduzione costi del: packaging meno 18-20%; di
trasformazione meno 3%; c.struttura - 35%
1993 NOKIA-ELDOR CORPORATION [Elettronica Industriale-Automotive] 1996 Responsabile Sviluppo East Europe
due iniziative di riconversione industriale e start up in Rep. Ceca e Slovacchia; JV per sviluppo
tecnologico, stampaggio materiali e componenti elettronici e automotive
1983 1993 SACMI-OPM GROUP [Impianti Ind.-Packaging-Automazione] 1989 CEO Consociata Gruppo
1986 Dir. Divisione Macchine e Automation
1983 Product Mng/Account Commerciale
1975-80 Laurea in Pianificazione, Università IUAV Venezia , 110/110 con lode
Ministero L.L.P.P Internship per il Piano Economico di Sviluppo, Regione Umbria 1981-
Bocconi e Politecnico, Milano, Formazione & Management, Academy Ferrero, 2001-11
Fondazione Ferrero - Imsofer, CSR e Imprese Sociali Ferrero,2010-12
Lingue: Francese madrelingua; Inglese fluente